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We Outsideeeee! LD & Co. Vacay in Vegas

The last time I travelled was at the end of February 2020 on a group trip to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. One month later, our school released us for a spring break that turned into an eight-month lockdown (during which I moved in with my parents and attended my last college semester over Zoom). While Jayla and I dated long-distance, we went on a couple of very socially isolated camping trips, but the prospect of travel anytime soon seemed bleak for awhile.

Getting vaccinated gave us the opportunity to take our first real vacation in over a year, and while we still took precautions throughout our trip, it eased our anxiety about being back out in public. Masks were required on every airplane and Uber we took, and we avoided packed clubs and bars like the literal plague. The most fun excursion we went on was along Fremont St. where we were able to keep to ourselves and enjoy outdoor entertainment. We were even able to dine outside (when it wasn't pushing 100 degrees)!

The Venetian Resort: We stayed on the Las Vegas strip at the Venetian resort, and although the building is older than some other popular hotels on the row, I think it is by far the most beautiful. The ceilings are painted with romantic murals and there are decorative accents on every column, corner, and hallway. The mattress and pillows on our bed were like clouds that we could sink into at the end of each long night, and our 14th floor window looked out over the resort's multiple swimming pools. We had a separate living area where our group all gathered between excursions, and our bathroom boasted a deep floating tub and a separate makeup table with a magnified mirror. We were able to check in and out virtually for a hassle-free arrival and departure.

visit the Venetian's website here to book.

While waiting for our flight to Nevada, our group made a TikTok deliberating who would be responsible for ruining the family vacation. However, the trip unfolded with little to no hiccups - aside from our issues with transportation once we finally got to Las Vegas. On the first night while we were walking the strip, a distracted driver rolled through a driveway and casually struck several people from our group (including myself). So casually, in fact, that we were debating whether it had actually happened until a bystander who had witnessed the hit-and-run walked by and commented, "that sh*t was crazy!" We also accidentally hopped in the wrong Uber going back to our hotel - realizing only after we started heading the wrong direction that his pick-up was for Jaida and not Jayla. However, everyone we rode with was very kind - especially the one who turned around after dropping us off when we realized we'd left a bag in his backseat.

Omega Mart: A museum, sensory experience, and escape room wrapped up in one, Omega Mart is an immersive experience that could entertain any audience for hours. You use your member card to unlock trainings that help you solve the underlying mystery, while secret passageways and slides and interactive rooms keep your senses engaged along the way. This place is an explosion of creativity, playfulness, and insane photo opportunities. Fremont Street: We saved our most exciting plans for our last night in Las Vegas, and left the strip behind for a night on Fremont St. The live music options were endless, and cheap drinks with dancers on the bar top were available at every turn. There are two zip-lines that stretch across the digital sky over the street, although tickets fill up quickly in advance. We didn't spend much time in the casinos that night - we were too busy getting into dance battles in front of the Dancing DJ's stage set.

visit Omega Mart's website here to reserve tickets.

We also participated in an escape room with her brother and sister and their significant others, and only ended up having to pay for two tickets. We finished the room with 30 minutes to spare and no hints on the board (although we were provided with a "nudge" in the right direction, which allegedly is NOT a hint). We were promised a copy of the group picture we took afterwards would be sent to our email addresses, but none of us ever got the image. Overall, it was a fun experience because we make a fun group, but the place itself wasn't really worthy of mention. We just love puzzles and board games as a family, and we're all big fans of discounts.

Taco Bell: I know what you're thinking: you could eat anywhere and you choose Taco Bell? But hear me out. With outdoor dining and alcoholic beverage options ranging from White Claw to Baja Blast, it's like an elevated homage to the drunk college nights that would end in a good Doritos Locos Taco. Wicked Spoon: Every good vacation warrants a good buffet, especially if you're trying to make your meals out count. Supervised stations keep things sanitary and the cuisine options are endless. I couldn't get enough of the spicy Mac & cheese, and the fresh mango sorbet was orgasmic. Maxie's: The best meal we had during those four days was brunch at Maxie's. I had an egg white omelet, roasted potatoes, and biscuits & gravy - and you know if the Southern girl is impressed with the gravy, it's no joke. I cleaned both of my plates and still had to finish off a piece of their pico de gallo & avocado toast.

For me personally, the best part of any trip is the food, and we did not have a single bad meal during our travels. Our absolute savior was the café in our hotel that stayed open overnight and served both breakfast and dinner during all hours. French toast has never tasted better than at 2am with whipped cream and strawberries on top. Even the Quizno's in the airport was unreasonably good (and no, it wasn't just the nostalgia from not being able to eat there for 10+ years and practically forgetting that the chain existed).

Follow along on my Instagram to see more pictures from our trip, and stay tuned into my blog for upcoming travel pieces (if we don't get ourselves locked down again)! xoxo LDB


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