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about. is a living, growing culmination of every artistic endeavor undertaken by creative-in-chief, Laura Dunn. Conceptualized to be a landing site for product launches from its namesake's personal shop, LDB is evolving into a digital showcase of one individual's experience leading an artful life.

She indulges her love for writing through her personal blog, dedicating most of her editorials to her passion for beauty and fashion. Exercising her studies in visualization, she curates her own concepts and images, drawing heavily on an affinity for natural landscapes and portraiture. She is a self-taught makeup artist, seamstress, photographer, and interior decorator - all skills she uses represent a holistic sense of herself in this digital space.

Laura obtained a B.B.A. in Marketing from Texas A&M University before relocating to Houston, TX as a full-time artist, alongside her fiancée, two cats, and way too many plants.


I make a conscious effort to romanticize my own life by finding art in the everyday. This is a core aspect of my personality - I am continually in love with the life I create for myself. It's a lifestyle that keeps me continually inspired and hungry for more. My art is intrinsically inspired by life. I'm stirred by the human form and the life essence it effortlessly illustrates. It's a subject that can be so poetically sultry and startlingly raw at the same time. That juxtaposition - where soft curves meet sharp edges and deep shadows melt into beaming highlights - is a perfect representation of the complicated and contrasting lives we all lead. Beauty coexisting with harshness. Love coexisting with pain.

I'm a story-teller through whatever medium I'm using. I care about the stories that make up a person. Ultimately, I'm telling you who I am through my work. I channel my emotions through color. I work out my frustrations through clay. I come out through my queer lens of the femininity. I am as I create: maximalist, campy, and unapologetic.



Part of the very core of human nature is an innate desire to find the beauty in anything. Mankind's first muse was the natural environment around it, and Mother Earth's grip on us has not loosened over time. One cannot admire our planet's beauty without its conservation looming forefront in the mind. If we are to exist and be inspired by her furthermore, our duty is to first take care of her. is committed to promoting an eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyle. From up-cycling clothes as a substitute for shopping fast fashion, to opting out of pre-packaged or fast foods in favor of cooking at home, a core facet of finding "art in the everyday" is paying homage to the earth upon which every day unfolds. When you can, reduce + reuse + recycle. When you can't, support others who do. 

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